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Kale Café

Omar and Camille Brown

From Humble Beginnings…They were the Brown’s of Brooklyn, but relocated to Central Florida after Omar got laid off.  Omar and his wife Camille really took lemons and made lemonade – adding carrots, apples, ginger, bananas and kale to make their signature smoothies. Omar and Camille work hard and are visionaries.  Their family roots are from Jamaica where Omar was born.  The unique thing about Kale Café is that their food pays tribute to their grandmothers and mothers who love to cook.  Their food is best described as Caribbean Vegan Cuisine.

Before becoming a chef, Camille was a filmmaker but the glitz and glam of Hollywood did not appeal to her. Camille is rooted in family and community – and prefers to talk about seasonings and recipes than to be on a red carpet any day.

Omar and Camille’s philosophy on food is simple, say no to processed foods and avoid them whenever possible.  Kale Café uses organic and locally sourced foods as much as possible, on a continual pursuit to trying to introduce more organic food and local food into the menu.