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Fuel Media Holdings

Patrick Mency


Patrick Mency brings to the company previous experience as a Co-Partner with the nation’s largest bench advertising company. Its contracts throughout Northeast & Northwest Florida provided bench & shelter advertising for numerous cities. In 2013, he sold his shares to launch individual proprietorship Fuel Media Holdings.

The genesis of his company goes back to a story that Mency’s grandmother shared with him. She used to regularly utilize public transportation in Panama City, Florida, where there were no benches for her to rest upon while waiting for the bus. Ultimately, he petitioned the city to place a bench at her stop, so his elderly grandma would have a place to sit and prop up her grocery bags. Ultimately, they refused.

That is how he entered the business: placing strategic street furniture within the confines of a mire of city ordinances and laws—with advertising to help cover the cost. And thus, the municipality incurs no expense, riders are at last able to have a comfortable seat, and advertising pays for all costs. Mency also gives the local a portion of advertising revenue, creating a win-win partnership for all involved.

As an expert in local laws, Mency also worked with other outdoor advertising companies, traveling across the country to help that firm forge successful partnerships with municipalities throughout the U.S. He is consistently sought after to help other towns and cities interested in streetscape programs to help write RFP’s and educate local governments about the sometimes-intricate process of granting such rights—while helping to revitalize small businesses and increase city revenue.