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Nyia Golden

Nyia Golden is the Owner and Managing Partner of 14KG MGMT, LLC.  Ms. Golden, a native of Miami, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Miami in 1997.  After a brief internship as an understudy to an Executive Chef, Ms. Golden obtained an entry-level position with Enterprise Rent-a-Car in 1998.  She quickly rose thru the ranks becoming a Branch Manager and then an Area Manager overseeing many of the largest locations in South Florida.  In 2012, Ms. Golden was promoted to Group Rental Manager of the New Mexico Group where she managed over 250 employees and close to 50 rental locations.  Despite various achievements and multiple accolades, Ms. Golden never forgot her true passion and love for the food industry.  So in 2015, after seventeen and a half years, Ms. Golden left her position in corporate America to pursue her dream of owning a restaurant.  

That dream became a reality when she purchased her own Miami Subs Grill in August of 2016.  With the help of the BBIF, Ms. Golden secured the financing required for a much needed renovation of the restaurant. As an owner, Ms. Golden believes in building a team that understands the importance of exceptional customer service and great execution of food as the keys to success and continued growth